• What does it mean when the status of a property says ‘LEASED (OPTION)’?
    This means that we don’t plan any new viewings. The first viewing already took place and one or more candidates that have viewed, are interested in renting. Please check the website to see if the status changes to ‘LEASED’ or to ‘NEW’. The last one means that it is available again and you can contact us.
  • Is there a waiting list and how does it work?
    Yes, there is a possibility that there is a waiting list. This depends on the price range that your searching in, most of the time it is for apartments under € 900,- a month.
  • I registered already, how long does it take before I can view an apartment?
    This varies, so we can only give an estimation. You can always call or e-mail us, if you would like to know the current estimated waiting time. We can only give an estimation, because it depends on the amount of properties that we have available and also the amount of registered candidates that aren’t searching anymore.
  • Are there any other costs beside the monthly rent?
    Yes, but this is different for each property. In most cases the taxes and levies for the municipality aren’t included, such as waterboard and sewerage costs. The costs for each municipality are different. For Leiden area you can find the information on the website of BSGR. There can also be additional service costs on top of the basic rent. You can ask us this specific information of the property of your interest.
  • The rent is inclusive of gas, water and electricity, does this mean that I never have to pay extra?
    No, this is almost always an advanced payment. So there is a part included in the rent, but if your usage is higher, you do have to pay extra. You can ask for the amount that is included during the viewing. Usually it’s based on the average usage of previous tenants.
  • What is a studio?
    This is an apartment without a separate bedroom, so it’s only has a combined living/bedroom.
  • What is the current status of a property on your website?
    At the tab ‘Properties’ you will see all the properties that we have available at this moment. You can see the status of each property at the right side in the picture.
  • I urgently need a living accommodation. Can I get priority?
    Unfortunately not, since we have the registration system. Registered candidates go first and we look at registration date. So the longest registered view first. Some already know that they need to leave there house after a specific period of time and registered months ago to make sure they can find something. Because of this we cannot make any exceptions.
  • I’m registered and I’m interested in an new apartment. How long do I have to reply?
    You have approx. 24 hours to reply. After this 24 hours you can still reply, but then there is a chance that the viewing is already planned with the candidates that already replied. Note that we only invite 3 to 4 candidates to a showing.
  • Is there a minimum rental period?
    Yes, most properties have a minimum rental period of 12 months. If the apartment is for short stay, we will mention this in the advertisement.
  • Is it required to register?
    No, but registered candidates have priority with viewings. If there isn’t any waiting list, then you can just request a viewing and we can do our best to plan this for you. If there is a waiting list of registered candidates, then we only invite registered candidates. We always invite the longest registered candidates first.
  • The viewing already took place and I’m interested in the property. How do you decide who gets the apartment?
    This differs with each landlord. Some leave KamerRaad to decide who can be the new tenant, but most of the times the landlord wants to make the final decision themselves. If we can decide, then we choose the longest registered candidate. Note that the required documents need to be approved. If they aren't approved, then we will still contact another candidate that already viewed.

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