As the landlord a great deal of matters must be taken into account. For example, it is important that an inspection takes place beforehand as well as on termination, to prevent any arguments at a later stage. As the landlord you are obliged to show the condition of the premises at the time of rental (burden of proof). These inspections enable this situation to be recorded as proof. Leidsch Vastgoed Beheer offers to manage these tasks for you. This involves both the financial as well as the technical management. Amongst other things, this is understood to be:

Financial & administrative
• ­Collecting monthly rent;
• ­Monitoring payments and overdue rents and taking action to recover debts, if necessary;
• Annual notifications and increases of rent;
• Settling municipal taxes and levies with the tenant.

Inspection & maintenance
• ­Inspection of the premises beforehand and on termination;
• ­Undertaking inspections on complaints and the settlement of complaints;
• Providing maintenance proposals;
• ­Assigning contracts for and monitoring implementation of maintenance;
• Repairing technical defects;
• ­In the case of high repair costs we will consult with you before taking any action. The maximum amount will be agreed beforehand.

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