Notice of Termination

Termination of the rental must be sent by registered letter to the landlord or his representative. Termination must also be submitted to us in writing or by e-mail. The term of notice is specified in your lease agreement.

After termination has been notified you must make an appointment with the landlord or his representative to arrange the check-out. On the basis of this check-out it is determined whether you get your full security deposit back. The premises must be vacated empty and clean on the date of the check-out.

Keep in mind that on termination, you must mention your present address, new address, contact details and the date that you vacate the premises. You could use our termination form for this purpose: Notice of termination.

When you started renting your apartment you registered at the municipality of the city where you were living. Please note that you need to register your change of address with the department of civil affairs. You need to register your new address no earlier than one month before and five working days after moving. Changing the address is free and it doesn’t make a difference whether you are renting an apartment or have bought an apartment. The new municipality will inform your old municipality of the change of address.

Please note that failure to register at the correct address could result in a fine. An incorrect registration could also affect your housing benefit, student benefits and your taxes.

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