Rent a Home

Are you looking for a rental home in the Leiden region, or have you seen a house or several homes on our site that have aroused your interest? Our way of working :

1. We request that you register first. If you want to be the first who knows about our current homes offers and if you want to have a priority status with showings. Registration costs amount to € 35.- per annum. Feel free to call our agency to ask for the estimated waiting time before you can view a property;
2. When there is a home that you're interested in, you can phone or e-mail us. We will then do our utmost to arrange a viewing with you at the particular home. If there are several candidates that are registered, we will approach the candidates who are registered the longest first;
4. The viewing will be with approximately 3 to 4 candidates;
3. If you're still interested after the viewing, we will ask you to submit the particulars to us so that we can check and evaluate them. We will endeavour to give you a definite answer within five working days;
4. After approval from the tenant and the drawing up of the lease agreement, we will provide same for your perusal;
5. On approval we will invite you to our offices to sign the agreement.The lease agreement is officially in force from the time that both parties have signed;
6. After signing, the check-in and handing over of the keys takes place.

After the signing of the lease agreement we can also help with any further questions that may arise during your rental term.

The second option is to hire a professional. This saves time, because the estate agent does the searching and negotiates the most favourable terms for you. More information about this can be found at Engage an estate agent.

Call us if you have any questions!

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