Required particulars

Every estate agent works in his own way, which is why we want to explain our working method.

What we need from you:

  • A copy of a valid proof of identification, unfortunately a driving licence is unacceptable.*
  • If you are employed: your employment contract, last 3 payslips and in case of a probation period or a contract for a fixed-term, you must have a guarantor.
  • If you are an independent entrepreneur: income statement; this can be obtained (free) from the Tax and Customs administration of the Netherlands phone number 0800-0543.
  • If you are a student: unfortunately student finance (loans) and savings are not considered as an income. It is for this reason that you need a guarantor.

  • All the details can be scanned in and submitted to us digitally or can be handed in at our office. It is possible that we could request additional information after receipt and assessment of the details.

    * Prevent identity fraud

    Before sending your proof of identity by mail, it is important that you block the following and note down:
    1. On the copy, write both the date as well as the reason it has been copied, e.g. ‘copy for lease agreement’;
    2. Block out your Citizen Service Number (BSN number). This is noted at two places, so too in the strip of numbers at the bottom.

    Guarantee document: Proof of sponsorship

    Call us if you have any questions!

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